Edit suite installation

The client wanted custom cabinetry to store and conceal the editing equipment and associated wires and accesories related to the system. We came up with the idea of a wiring bulkhead/shelf that could support the widescreen monitor, as well as conceal all cables including AC plugs and power bars.

Full cabinetry as built. The bulkhead in the middle stretches between the CPU cabinet on the right, and the storage cabinet on the left. Wiring gromets allow for easy wiring between all cabinets.

Bulkhead with removeable panel off. CPU cabinet on right has ample ventilation on side, back and top.

Bulkhead detail, shows large cable pass-through from CPU cabinet. Bulkhead was made large enough to hide the pre-exsisting wall outlets. Cable hooks at top, help keep wires organized.

Left side storage cabinets with doors open.

Wall shelving details. Can you ever have too much shelving and storage?

Completed installation with equipment wired up.


 The client also had an unfished equipment storage area that they wanted to have insulated, (as it was an exterior concrete foundation wall), and built up with douglas fir walls and sturdy shelving for video equipment storage.

The storage space before the work.

Baltic Birch plywood doors. Stainless steel handles & painted pine trim.

Storage cabinet, open for business.


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